Asphalt Urban GT combines the virtues of both simulation and arcade racing for the Nintendo DS. Players will be in the driver's seat while hitting the streets in a wide range of licensed high-performance cars on tracks from all over the world.

Winning races, collecting prize money, and then purchasing new cars and/or tweaking current ones is key to success. Asphalt Urban GT is a solid game for both sports car enthusiast and racing fans.


    More than 20 Licensed Dream Cars

    - The most recognized and well-respected racing cars in the world, including Lamborghini, Jaguar, Hummer, VW, Audi and many more.

  • Eight Tracks Inspired by Real Locations

    - Driving through the recognizable streets of New York City, Miami, Paris and Tokyo.

  • Dual Screen, Dual Approach

    - Players will have the advantage of watching their progress turn-by-turn on the bottom display of the Nintendo DS.

    - Spy on opponents and gauge when to take risks and when to proceed with caution.

  • Build, Tune, Shape

    - More than thirty options for tuning, engine maintenance and bodywork.

  • Graphics and Gameplay

    - Outstanding 3D graphics are accentuated by realistic engine sounds and original music that complement the urban environments.

    - Five gameplay modes with three camera angles and a replay feature create a dynamic and immersive racing experience.

  • Multiplayer Racing

    - Up to four players can race against each other through each twisting turn in three different multiplayer game modes:

    o Single Race allows up to four players to race head-to-head.

    o Championship mode allows up to four players to play some of the championship tracks from the solo evolution mode.

    o Cop Chase is a two player cat and mouse mode where the cops attempt to capture and "lock on" their opponent for five seconds to claim victory.