Ascii the Brave Cat is a retro-style 2D action game with awesome new mechanics,
cute characters, and memorable gameplay.

The group of powerful evil cats "Great Eight" had invaded the land.
Ascii is just a little cat without any special power had gathered their courage
and make a big bravest decision in their life to fight against them!

Meet the fun platformer gameplay, the never seen puzzles,
collect upgrade items, fight creative funny boss,
and push yourself beyond the limit to save someone (or something) you love.

  • New mechanic, puzzle, trap, and boss design you had never seen.
  • Combine 2D action retro style with modern gameplay style.
  • Cute, bright, and colorful graphic style.
  • Brave 12 levels that full of action-packed and well designed.
  • Worldmap, shop, equipment, mini-game, NPC available.
  • Attack the enemy with a cute voice bullet and cute cat bump.
  • Find hidden treasure boxes to upgrade Ascii's stat (Max hp, mp, life).
  • Find 10 special weapons hidden in the game.
  • Fight against over 30 different enemy types and 20 boss encounters.
  • Resemble those famous games in the '80s-'90s era.
  • The main campaign length estimated at 7-8 hours of playtime.
  • NG+,+2, +3,... available.
  • Balanced gameplay for retro gamers with "that" help for newcomers.
  • Any request are welcome, please visit the discussion forum :)