ARCHiTECTUS is a sandbox game about planning, building, furnishing and exploring of constructions. Players can use more than a hundred different components with lots of color variations to bring their creations to life.Features:
  • Loads of components to build with
    -Drywall components
    -Roof components
    -Doors & windows
  • Several environments to view your creation in
    -Planning board
    -Tilted planning board
    -Open space
  • Lots of variations in color
  • Several animated components to interact with
  • Endless possibilities in building
  • An easy to use interface for all ages
Performance:The performance greatly depends on the complexity of your creation. While a simple house may run smoothly, larger and more dense buildings might cause some performance issues on weaker configurations. We try our best to provide a game that everyone can enjoy as smoothly as possible.