IntroductionAphelion: Frontier Chronicles is a combat space simulator, where you join the Federation forces in a conquest for control over the frontier. Play through the campaign storyline or jump into action in a free roam gameplay mode.

Master the Federation fleet fighters, corvettes, and capital class ships. Research new technologies to aid you in your conquest. Fight your enemies and make new friends. The universe is yours.GameplayThe game offers both, a fast-paced space combat as you jump into one of the space fighters and take on your enemies with a help from Federation squadrons, and a tactical space combat as you take control of a capital class ship.

Gather resources by completing campaign missions or explore the universe in a free roam game mode full of random encounters. Either way, you will not be fighting alone.CampaignPlay a series of story driven campaign missions and unlock new technologies and ships as you progress. The campaign game mode will take you across the universe on an exciting adventure.Free RoamJump into commander chair of a small and nimble fighter, or step on a deck of a capital class ship in the free roam game mode where you can explore the universe and complete different assignments. The free roam offers a unique gameplay with every play-through, full of random encounters and events.