ANNO 1701 for the Nintendo DS™ offers three different game modes, and includes a tutorial game to help make your introduction to the game very easy.

There is an extensive Continuous Mode game where you can compete against computer-controlled players with no time limit imposed and a Multiplayer Mode for up to four players, who can compete over the wireless DS data transfer on the Nintendo DS™ using customiseable, winning criteria.

ANNO 1701 for Nintendo DS™ is designed to allow easy entry for new players regardless of which mode you are playing in. During the game, help will be provided in a variety of ways. The Advisor will keep you informed of current events, and different options will allow you to enquire about the status of your settlement in general and in detail.

The Advisor

During the Campaign, you can access the advisor's "Journal" at any time and view the last ten pieces of advise that you have received. You may receive important advice or messages while trying to contend with difficult situations such as a natural disaster or invasion. Therefore, you will often find it useful to refer back to these messages again to obtain practical tips for your current mission.

In any event, the advisor is an important source of information, as he tells you about missions, draws your attention to specific events that you may have to deal with, reports any unrest in your settlement and grievances your people may have, warns you of any imminent attacks and provides handy tips from time to time on how to best go about a task.

The advisor's facial expression alone already speaks volumes about the current situation as he is giving his advice and hints. Be prepared