Animal Rescue is a unique game in which you play the role of a field rescuer-vet.

Face the elements of nature and save innocent animals! Their life depends entirely on you!Dynamic weather systemA dynamic weather system that changes when you least expect it. Volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, floods, fires. Be prepared for any accident!Mobile clinicTreat animals, help local people and develop their veterinary field clinic. Better equipment will allow you to heal animals faster or take care of special specimens!Be ready for anythingTake care of your car - it is your greatest ally! It will help you quickly get to many places where numerous animals are waiting for your help.

Upgrade your car and install a winch, animal cages or a special trailer for large animals on it!

Do not forget about your basic equipment - a medical bag, in which you will find basic first aid for animals.Save them allNot only dogs or cats are waiting for help ... somewhere other animals are waiting for rescue - horses, cows, monkeys, raccoons and much more!

Someone has to save them!

Will it be you?