Animal Crossing is an animal populated town where you live your life in real-time. Synchronise your watch and look on in amazement as Animal Crossing's weird and wonderful world develops. This game allows you to experience sunrise and sunset as you do in real life, as it utilizes the Nintendo GameCube's internal clock. Therefore if it is 9pm in real-time, it is 9pm in Animal Crossing too. The unique village is constantly changing, with different things happening at different times, even when you are tucked up in bed!

Pick your character and give him/her a name, choose a house to call your home and meet and greet the local animals that live in the neighbourhood. You can earn a living by running errands for your neighbours or finding valuable treasures. You can also discover rare items by visiting vendors or trading with your forest friends. There is never a dull moment in Animal Crossing!

Enjoy the freedom, creativity and relaxed pace of Animal Crossing as you can wander round the village and partake in the many activities that await you. Express your artistic flair by decorating your home as you wish and even catch insects with the locals.

There are hundreds of different items to collect throughout the game, such as furniture for the house, fossils, fish and loads more! The village will really grow and develop the more it is played, and villagers will even miss players when they haven't appeared in the game for some time.

You can also share their unique village with up to four other players. Each player takes their turn in the game and can change events for the next player to experience! You can even leave messages for your friends on public message boards and using a special password system, send your friends' presents!

The wonderful world of Animal Crossing is one to be shared, and by borrowing a friend's Memory Card with an Animal Crossing saved game, you can travel to your friend's town and explore it. If you need a break from it all, you can take a holiday to Animal Island by linking Animal Crossing to your Game Boy Advance with a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable.

From writing letters to fishing, this village has it all. With it's colourful animal cast and many things to explore, players will never tire of what lies in store the next time they hit the power switch.


  • Visit the village often throughout the day, because different activities happen at different times; plus, special things sometimes happen on holidays.

  • Interact with others-up to four other players can move into the village and take turns playing in a shared village, cooperating and competing on one game pak.

  • Swap Memory Cards with friends who have the game and travel to their villages to interact with different characters there. In other villages, players find different assortments of items and build new relationships with different groups of villagers.

  • Pay off and improve your house by returning daily, adding floors and new furnishings; and watch how other human characters improve their houses, which adds a competitive element.

  • Experience the game's unique and engrossing sense of community as you join villagers in actual time.

  • Relive many classic NES games included in Animal Crossing, which players will discover, earn or get passwords for the games through Animal Crossing-e cards.

  • Check back regularly or the virtual residence will become overrun by weeds and cockroaches. And don't dare try to reset the game!

  • Connect to a Game Boy Advance using a NINTENDO GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance cable. Once connected, players can travel from the village to a remote island, and find exotic items.

  • Hook up the new e-Reader through your Game Boy Advance and swipe Animal Crossing-e cards to acquire game tips, special or rare items or even special messages from the characters living at Animal Crossing.

  • Experience the all-new N-Port feature. Download a classic NES game to your Game Boy Advance. Then disconnect and take the game with you!