The birthday celebration of Sheila Galaxy is kicking off soon.
Oda Nubunaga, the Angel form the oriental reach Sheila Galaxy to respond the call.
She is a Hero who was active in Warring States Period of Japan. With the sword that could slay Demon, she was been called.
Start your journey of adventure with players all over the world.
Lead your angel squad to reveal the mysteries of the ancient universe.

#Game Features#
Tenka Fubu, Oda Nubunaga, serves as your sword!
New Angel state: Insulation

Gorgeous scene, Extreme experience
3D dynamic scene, unlock when stage passed.
Vast Ocean of Stars, Immersive gaming experience.

Idle Anywhere
Idle anytime you want, play anywhere you wish.
Angel squad will fight for you automatically when you’re away.
Just wait and relax, you will be rewarded with huge amount of treasures.

Customize faces of Heroes, Collect exquisite fashion
You can customize heroes’ faces as you like.
Share the exquisite fashions with all your Angels.

Evolving trick, Changing strategy
You can summon nearly a hundred powerful heroes!
Forming a powerful Angel Squad, forging perfect equipments, and releasing effective skills to stand out in the Star Alliance.

Boundless universe is waiting for you to explore
In Angel Legion, not only can you explore the vast universe, you can also participate in Battlefield trials, you could even carry out the Expedition. Discover amazing treasure while you enjoying diverse gameplays.