This is a text adventure game, your identity is a general Cicero from the Roman Empire, through the choice of words, you will walk into several battles experienced by the three giants of Rome, see the glory and achievements of ancient Rome, and realize the true meaning of life and freedom. In the game, you will learn about Octavian, Anthony, Caesar, Cleopatra and other legends, and through the text to understand their stories.
Welcome back to the Roman Empire, general Cicero.
You will revolt against the internal turmoil in Rome, reduce the enemies outside Rome, prove the glory of Rome only in the sea and land. You can also pursue your inner feelings and choose to be a free man. The oracle of Rome, Druid of Gaul, sacrifice of Sparta, and the left of Carthage will outline the truth of the past for you. Octavian, Anthony, Caesar, Cleopatra, these legendary characters will also be with you. Take you into an epic adventure and experience the glory of Rome. Follow your heart and make choices at the critical moment. Through the perfect adventure experience of this word game, you will enjoy the scenery of Rome in our world with classical painting style and ancient music.