The military enterprise RF9 (original sin army) with super capital capability and the world united defense force WGF (world defense force) together have the most powerful military organization in the world. The original sin army carried out a number of secret projects to strengthen human beings in the dark, such as the human body weapon project, super ability project, biochemical project and so on. The security forces learned that there were secret bases in Afghanistan for the original sinners. After confirming a certain unknown mountain village is the secret project research ground of the original sin army, the raid is carried out, and a number of secret projects were discovered in the base. As a result of the accident explosion appears in the battle with the original sin army, the interior of secret research institute is infected by biochemical virus, the life body that is infected by biochemical virus becomes mutation person all. The commander of the original sin army disappeared. Soon mutants appeared in secret bases of the sin army all over the world. At the same time, the battle between the original sin and the defenders began around the world.