“Legendary Assassin”is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game is based on the oriental fantasy fairy cultivating story, providing players with a virtual reality game environment. In this virtual world, the main game behaviors of players include cultivating immortals, upgrading levels, obtaining good equipment, PK, trading, chatting and making friends, and so on. At the same time the game provides different activities for players to entertain. Players' game fun mainly comes from the improvement of character abilities (including obtaining good equipment, levels, skills), community behavior (including making friends, marriage, trading, PK, guilds, etc.) and participating in various activities. Various items, props and currency are provided in the game. Players can obtain these items, props and money through different channels to form a complete and balanced virtual economic system. The whole game is a very adventurous online game full of magic and oriental color.

The game provides players with a lot of cool equipment and fashions. At the same time, different levels of props can bring players to different levels of ability enhancement, so the pursuit of high-level (or top-quality) equipment has become one of the most important goals of players in the game.