The classic legendary game. You can choose from three professions: Warrior, Daoist and Mage; fight BOSS, grab equipment, occupy the kingdom and fight for the world. A variety of new activities have been added, including the Tower of Heaven and the Zodiac.

◆ game features◆

Multiple differentiated occupations
Dozens of diverse skills
Hundreds of equipment
Many playing methods present powerful props and equipment
Form a guild with friends and compete with other guilds for the King City


Dozens of places with different difficulties for players to explore, dozens of boss with different strengths waiting for players to challenge, the legend is created by you! You can choose to fight against the evil boss with your comrades in arms, or you can face many challenges and difficulties alone.

◆Diversified equipment◆

Hundreds of equipment are dropped randomly from different bosses. As long as you have patience, all equipment can be obtained. In the face of different environment, different equipment should be selected, and skills and strategies coexist. Advanced equipment also has a suit effect, a set can get a great strength improvement!

◆More gameplay◆

There will be plenty of rewarding activities to start at a fixed time every day
Recruit money and treasure: you can get a lot of treasure
The function of reputation: you can gain a lot of reputation and open the title of mob
Fighting for supremacy: the winner can get a lot of rewards
soldier comes from the sky:you can get more shopping mall props and even SSS level equipment
Xiaobai's Secret: you can get a lot of equipment
Guild competition: full service guild competition, the winner can get a lot of treasure
In addition, there are a large number of random activities open, unlimited passion!

◆Real free games◆

You can get money in the activity. You can also get money with equipment. You can also get money when fighting monsters. "Time" can have everything.