Game introductionThe train you took, piercing the night sky and galloping under the stars, was refreshing-it was really a great value trip.
In the solo journey under the refreshing night breeze, I met casual passengers, a loving flight attendant. And...a girl with cat ears?
What will this trip leave on her?Character introductionnova "...I will embark on a pleasant journey, a journey with you."
The girl who chanced upon the protagonist in the Milky Way train. He has cat ears and cat tails, but he doesn't care. Without memory, he will always look dumbfounded. The background is unknown but the hero is very sticky.Shooting leaves "I am the flight attendant and tour guide of this train, Kariha Rumkoni. Just call me Kariha."
The girl who claims to be the tour guide of the star train "Yinghe". If you don't have the knowledge of trains that a flight attendant should have, you will easily panic after a problem. If there is no male protagonist pushing behind, nothing can be done.Sound theory "Woo~, who calls a kitten so scared."
The girl of mystery. Where did the protagonist seem to have seen her...Flower River "I will go to another carriage when I smoke. Apologize to her for me."
The beauty of the train sharing. He has a big addiction to cigarettes, so he often keeps a certain distance from Nova, who is afraid of cigarettes.Wild Birds "Guru~, Guru~, I can't eat it anymore..."
Sunshine Swedes who are new to Japanese by train sharing. The wild bird is just a nickname, whose real name is Jennifer ManioudEagle World "For me, as long as I can enjoy this, I'm satisfied."
A man sitting in a parking lot and watching the stars. Gives a sense of inhumane fireworks.Zhong Cheng XiaoThe humble animator. I dream of becoming a supervisor and creating my own animation, but it's a pity that there is a long way to go. I won the train travel quota that I accidentally applied for and embarked on an incredible journey.

This is a visual novel. You can read it by clicking the mouse. There is no game operability.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this game were over 18 years old at the time of the game plot.