Relics of ancestors
This game is a RPG adventure and exploration role-playing game. The story takes place in Beijing six thousand years later. At present, this work is a beta version, with only one occupation and one chapter of plot. In the beta version, adventurers can set up their own adventure team to explore and discover the heritage. The main plot of the protagonist, as well as a wealth of branch tasks and hidden tasks.
More fun to explore, I hope you adventurers give me more support.
This version 1.0 only opens the knight class, which is up to level 40. The area is Fangshan District. You can find many relics, understand the historical development and historical content of relics
More content will be opened in the future
As there is only one developer, I hope you will give me good comments and support. I will try my best to speed up the development progress
Your praise is my motivation
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