Tower defense, 24 characters, 50 + spells, challenge your level of operation and strategy.

This is a tower defense strategy game,

With 24 companions and more than 50 kinds of magic, challenge your level of operation and strategy.

The game integrates character and magic system into the battle.

Players can release a spell as an aid while resisting enemies in the level,

You can even move your character forward to engage the enemy.

You can also place a fence to block the enemy's attack.

The game has three systems in combat, namely building system, character system and magic system.

The game is open to multiple modes, giving players different experiences.

There are certain random elements in the game, and the levels and roles of each game are different.

In the special mode [abyss invasion], players can even play a city Lord to resist invasion and counter attack enemies.

In endless mode, players can challenge endless enemies and feel the ability of each character.