"Silverio Saga Series" is a popular Visual Novel in Japan.
Ryo Takahama, who was in charge of the main scenario, is loved by many fans because he has created attractive characters and wonderful stories.
This is "Silverio Vendetta - Verse of Orpheus -" which is a new scenario of the visual novel "Silverio Vendetta" which is a part of the "Silvalio Sága Series" which he created with the consumer transplantation.
The counterattack that the main character who once escaped from victory will surely give you the best experience.

※CAUTION:This Game is 『Silverio Vendetta - Verse of Orpheus -』relased in 2016. This game does not include additional elements.

It was in 1027 of the New A.D. - about the tenth century after it was classified as the old A.D. after the catastrophe.
Adler, a military empire located in the former West European district, and its capital were struck by an unprecedented disaster.
A blazing street.
Spouting blood and screaming.
In a scene ish scene of bottomless despair, the 2 deformities that produced it quietly asked the man.
The monster tells.
I'll test your destiny.
Heroes challenge.
Don't underestimate my destiny.
Given the benefits of Astral, it is hard to describe the struggle between the two sides.
Therefore, he became a legend and created heroic tales based on tears and tragedy.
Zephyr Colerain thinks.

I can't keep up with such strength -- I don't want to get close.
And that's why he ran away.
It doesn't matter whether it is shielded 2 times or 2 times, it doesn't matter.
I prayed.
To live and die without being hurt for victory.

He swore to the only girl he had saved, and turned his back to all.

Therefore, this is not a story of a hero.
This is the story of the loser.
It is a story in which a man who once escaped fights to recover his star.
It is guided by the whisper of a dead girl.
At the bottom of the underworld, Eurydice brings love to Orpheus.
"-- you can't escape from victory.
Let's start a counterattack. "