Depending on the player's actions, the game changes shape in various ways.
This is a 90's style JRPG with a combination of scenario and freedom.

◆Overwhelming volume
Over 50 hours of play time!
There are over 50 characters!
The shape of the game changes in various ways depending on the player's actions.
Scenario routes, as well as dungeon attack routes and
Random events, even the people in the city that appear in the game change in countless ways.

◆Battles that combine action and strategy
A new kind of battle with a combination of keys and buttons!
As with traditional JRPGs, besides fighting with strategy
Just like in a fighting game, you can use your player skills to get through battles.
Try to find a play style that suits you and challenge the battle.
The game is also equipped with auto-control, so even those who are not good at action can enjoy the game.

◆Other challenging elements
-Customize your equipment for the best in the world!
-The structure and rules change every time you enter a free dungeon.
-Brains and luck are the keys to clear! The "Paradox Code" mini-game
-Trial quests with a specific party composition

Hardin, a member of the D.H. School's soldier training department, was
During a school trip, he is involved in a plane crash.
Tragically and bewilderingly, Hardin is forced to search for the mysterious island where he washed up.

About the update
To fix bugs, you can always update from the title screen to keep yourself up-to-date.
We will continue to make updates and functional improvements to the game in the future.

The game includes depictions of horror, violence, drugs and crime.