It is a search-type horror game.
There are also puzzle-solving elements.

In one room of a huge mansion in T town,There was an incident in which several women were kidnapped and detained.
The criminal disappeared after one day...It suddenly disappears and I can not understand the footsteps.
Afterwards,There was a case where a horror spot enthusiast who had set foot was missing.
Certainly something lives in the mansion.Priest protagonist stepped into the mansion to break the curse...

【Operation method】
WASD key:Move
Shift key:Run(Physical fitness system)
Mouse move:Point of view
Mouse scroll:Item selection
Right click:Use the item
Left click:Action
Q key:Item drop

Detailed operations can be confirmed in the game.

【VHS Screen settings】
Default is normal screen.but,VHS screen is also introduced.
I also recommend it because it's immersive.
You can turn it on/off in the title screen settings or pause screen.