Android Hunter A is a next generation sidescroller shooter taking classic action platforming to the next level. Cinematic tension, fast blasting action, a vibrant diversity of stage environments and an in-depth customization system are just a few of the many awesome features Android Hunter A has to offer.STORY
” With the imminent discovery of the enigmatic Base Metal insulating the activity between humans and androids, its contestable power and properties made the idea of coexistence futile. The intrinsic androids began to overtake various man-made environments and creations, establishing their presence in the busy streets of future earth, the endless greenery and universal gifts bestowed unto the world by nature, and even the industrious areas that strove to enhance themselves through the use of robotics. The sluggish advancements were not to be waited on, as the rejuvenating effect that the Base Metal had on the androids was unavoidable; the takeover was just a matter of time… ”Features
  • A new take on a beloved genre
  • Tackle a classic roster of 8 core stage environments, blasting tons of enemies, learning new techniques and exploring a diverse set of unique biomes
  • Revitalized, captivating and widely varied assortment of awesome music
  • Fully animated and immersive in-game cinematics
  • Hundreds of customization options! Customize your character with unlockable accessories, costumes, masks and more!
  • Online and local leaderboards! Track your progress as you improve your skills, earning better stage complete times and ranking up!