Alpha Prime

Genres: First-Person Shooter
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As a mining inspector the player is tasked with exploring an illegal asteroid mining base to investigate the disappearance of its inhabitants. However, more pressing is why the mining robots and other autonomous systems are trying to put an end to his inspecting, permanently. The story leads the player through several distinct environments - the inspector's spaceship, damaged by enemy fire from within the asteroid, technical facilities, laboratories, crew quarters, mining shafts and more. On his quest to discover the secret of the asteroid the player will fight not only the robots, but the station itself. Using the ship's radio he will talk to the navigator of a cargo vessel, one of the few people from the surrounding area to somehow remain alive. Walking down the empty halls and eerie corridors of the industrial complex the player will meet several survivors willing to help. Or so it seems.....


  • 1st person shooter themed around a strong science fiction story.

  • Multiple robots with specific abilities and powerful weapons to utilize.

  • Arsenal of powerful weapons for the player to use, additional weaponry mounted on remotely controllable robots.

  • Fully interactive physical environment, breakable objects, rag doll effects.

  • 3d graphics engine making use of the state-of-the-art graphics technology.