Would you like to experience various sports in virtual reality? Then, don’t worry. We’d like to present ‘All-in-One Sports VR’ for you to enjoy various sports titles in virtual reality. It is a casual VR sports game that anyone can easily play with simple and easy control. Feel realistic virtual sports by realistic physics. Get character only for you by characters’ customization. Again, don’t worry. Even if you’re not confident in the sports, you can select difficulties that can fit you to enjoy. If you are reluctant to do outdoor sports due to COVID 19, start exercising comfortably at home with 'All-in-One Sports VR'. Now, it is time for you to try challenging the gold medals in all sports.★ FEATURES :
■ A variety of sports titles experiences
- Baseball, Archery, Ping Pong, Basketball, Bowling, Badminton, Golf, Dart, Billiard, Boxing

■ Real time PvP by multiplay
- boxing, baseball and table tennis are not yet supported

■ PvP with friends

■ Realistic virtual sports experiences by advanced physics

■ Customized avatars for gamers

■ Simple UI, and easy control can help anyone to play

■ 5 different difficulties from beginner to professional