Susie's been scammed, a UFO's been sited and Chuckie has a crush on a secret someone! Follow Angelica on a side scrolling adventure where she tries to figure out the answers to these mysteries along with 5 additional crazy cases


  • Customise the main menu with one of eight different All Grown Up characters - acquire different clothes, accessories, background designs and music.

  • Help Angelica create a good article for the school newspaper - play missions based on the show to unlock mini-games and bonus accessories.

  • 7 different mini-games can be unlocked (4 games can be played with 2 players).

  • Use the electronic organiser to save important information about friends, plan a schedule for the week or store personal information. Swap information or acquired accessories using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable (private information can be blocked).

  • Take a test to find out which All Grown Up character you are like the most or input your own topic and pass the Game Boy Advance around to cast votes.