“Alice Lorange Adventures Season 2” is an episodic semi-linear story made in Twine, staring an autistic teenager. The direct sequel to Season 1. After her return to Earth, Alice Lorange must fight a hornet at her school. Then a strange rift takes her to another planet, where she’ll meet the Rift Breakers.

A New Beginning…
This story is in a brand-new universe / reality, thus you don’t need to have read other stories from this developer to understand “Alice Lorange Adventures”.

Early Ends
Our heroine’s journey can end up early and on a dramatic note. Can you find (or avoid) them all?

Minimalist Presentation
No graphics, nor background music... Focus on the text, the story’s heart.

It is possible to personalize your reading experience by choosing between 3 text sizes, 6 background colors and 7 fonts.

Easy language switch
It's easy to switch from one language to another in the Settings menu.

10.200 words

Steam Achievements!

The original language is French.