From a Press Release:

It's the year 2003. Recent terrorist events have left the airline industry in a state of depression with tour and charter operators dropping like seagulls out of a 747 engine. It's a risky business but if you've got the nerve for the right entrepreneur it's a time of big opportunities and even bigger profits.

Airport Tycoon 2 enables you to oversee every aspect of building and operating your very own full scale international airport. You can purchase land in any one of 25 rural and urban settings before you begin construction on your very own transportation Mecca.

But if you want to make big bucks, you're going to need to keep your customers happy with reliable airlines, tight security and the best airport services around. Things aren't going to be easy for you though, you'll need to pitch and sign for contracts, prepare for some of natures most dastardly disasters, (including volcanic eruptions, earth quakes and blizzards), schedule and manage commercial aircraft, cargo planes and military jets as well as coping with labor strikes and terrorist attacks.

It's a tough task for anybody to take on and Airport Tycoon promises to be the most realistic airport simulation yet, so when a blizzard is about to drop three feet of snow, union representatives are about to strike, planeloads of luggage have mysteriously disappeared and your most important airline is demanding more cash - are you going to stay and face the music or simply take off?