Leo pilots the fighter to highlight the enemy's encirclement. You can shoot the plane or effectively avoid the opposite plane by moving the mouse left and right. You can move back and forth to get more supplies to help break through

There are three types of supply

Red: single shot becomes double shot. If you break through in time, it becomes three shot

Gray: you can summon one aid to attack and destroy the enemy in full screen, but it will not change in a limited time breakthrough

Red and blue: only available during breakout. Damage + 1 for Leo's fighter

You can choose ordinary breakout and time limited breakout. Different breakouts provide different supplies. There are two kinds of supplies for ordinary breakout and three kinds of supplies for time limited breakout.

Through supply, you can destroy a large number of enemies and avoid them. If you collide with them, you will die.

This is a nostalgic game, you can use it to kill some boring time, but also for children to play in the entertainment time