Ahlman Mansion 2020 is a large collection of games made by the game industry students at Ahlman Institute.

All games were made during our short ten month long school year as a joint effort between the programmers and graphic designers as well as project mentors. The time spent developing each game varied, with some being made in a week or two and one taking five weeks to develop.

Our games have a diverse selection of different genres, ranging from colorful platformers, endless runners and collect-an-exploding-cats to adventures, horror mysteries, racing games and annoyingly controller grape escape.

They can be found on the main Arcade projector. There are also 3D objects, Literature student texts and Art student works scattered about inside the Ahlman Mansion itself, so try to them all!FEATURES
In the Ahlman Mansion you can…

  • Behold the Main Arcade Room, where we’ve placed our most valued and treasured game projects (in the projector)
  • Take in the nostalgia in the Music Room or the Reading Hall, and listen to music made by our Music / Game Development students or read texts made by our Literature students.
  • Visit the Cabinets of Graphics, and have a look at the artwork our Graphic Designers have made.
  • Find the Gallery, and see what interesting real-life artworks made by our Art students wait for you…
Thanks to our mentor Risto Koskenkorva, who helped us in everything (programming, implementation, bug fixing, Blender and so forth) and Antton Teräs, who finished the visuals for Ahlman Mansion 2020.


  • Risto Koskenkorva - lead implementer, coder and all-around-fixer
    (Ahlman Mansion 2020 and all games included inside)
  • 18 other coders - Will be added in two days

Graphic designers

  • Antton Teräs - 3D and 2D art, level editing and project leader
    (Ahlman Mansion 2020, Fish Outta Watta, Outer World Attackers, Velvet Loop)
  • 18 other artists - Will be added in two days

Art, Literature and Music students
  • Test Member - Literature student
    (Text in Reading Hall)
  • 20 other students - Will be added in two days
  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • Unity and Unity API
  • WinMerge
  • TeamViewer / DiscordApp
  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter