AGON is a point and click adventure series set at the turn of the century presenting an intriguing and immersive storyline with various plot twists in lifelike settings.

In Agon: The Mysterious Codex the player will assume the role and travel the world as Professor Hunt from the British Museum as he embarks on an exotic adventure of discovery of world importance. After finding a mysterious letter, a story of suspense and tales of dastardly deeds unfold as the Professor soon ascertains that he will need to travel to 12 locations of the globe in search of clues and answers to the secrets and rules of a long forgotten board game. He will have to remove the spells on the cursed families who guard the games and return the board games to their rightful place. Discovering the keepers of these games, and the growing legend behind this expanding doom will not be easy as he soon discovers that knowledge is not always the key to unravelling the goals to success...


  • Cutting edge 3D graphics offering life-like scenarios.

  • Highly detailed pre-rendered locations including London, Lapland and Madagascar.

  • Motion capture animations, effects of natural phenomena.

  • Logical, easy-to-handle interface.

  • First person perspective - in the shoes of the protagonist.

  • Professional actors' performance in narrations and dialogues.

  • Varied brain teasing puzzles.