Explore the whole new land of Khitai in Rise of the Godslayer - the first expansion pack for Age of Conan.


  • The eastern empire of Khitai!

    Explore many new world regions such as Northern Grasslands, Chosain Province, and Gateway to Khitai. This new land offers ample opportunities to explore vast landscapes such as mountains, jungles, plains, and even some areas that defy all laws of nature.

  • Pick your side!

    An all-new faction system has been introduced, allowing players to join one of many warring factions in Khitai. Take on jobs for them, rise in their ranks and collect the rewards. And maybe you will betray them in the end as you swear allegiance to their enemies?

  • Ride the Tiger and the Wolf!

    Acquire the Wolf and the Tiger, two new mounts available in the expansion! But that is not an easy task, for you must train them and nurture them as they grow from being a cub and into being a powerful battle companion.

  • Alternate advancement system!

    You can now take your character even further by exploring the all-new alternate advancement system. Acquire new powers and abilities, and even progress while your character is logged out. The new system will take your character further than ever before!

  • New content, new experiences!

    You can now start out as a Khitan and head straight to Khitai after your time on Tortage Island is over. Experience content across several level ranges, and unlock a vast number of fantastic new armor pieces, incredible weapons, and numerous other exclusive rewards.