Adventure War : Battlefield is a 3rd person action-adventure RPG, set in the fantasy world of Noor. Players will assume the role of an adventurer who is enlisted to help the kingdom of Rotonis, defeat the invading kingdom of Bolas. Adventure War : Battlefield features an open world environment in which the player is free to explore and discover quests.

Players will be able to select from multiple adventurers to play as, each with its own unique playstyle.

Guardian: A powerful defensive fighter. With sword and shield in hand this fighter can take damage and deal it back to it's foes.
Warrior: The warrior fears nothing in battle. Sacrificing defense for offence, this adventurer rushes head first into battle.
Mage: Observe and execute, is the moto for the Mage. With powerful range spells, this adventure will obliterate it's foes before they come too close.