Furious fights await you in this action-packed story of courage and sacrifice. Joined by the legendary Soul Hero, rage against legendary immortals, dark mages, and hordes of fantastic enemies as you fight your way to victory!

Developed by Treasure, the same studio that developed Ikaruga and Wario World, Advance Guardian Heroes is a scrolling fighter videogame featuring over 20 controllable characters with more than 160 powerful abilities and moves, and many action-packed multiplayer arenas. Instant pick-up-and-playability is guaranteed, with a deep combat and advancement system included for expert gamers.

Gamers will play as one of three brand-new characters in an action-packed story of courage and sacrifice, upgrading and improving their powers as they progress. Play as Enn, a warrior with the power of fire; Ray, a warrior with the power of thunder; and Hyu, a warrior with the power of ice who specializes in defense and magic.


  • Intense "beat 'em up" action: Multi-hit combos, special attacks and counter moves.

  • Unique RPG elements: Upgrade your player's characteristics and abilities as you wish throughout the game.

  • Magical mayhem and incredible special moves: Hone your skills to produce stunning abilities and feats.

  • Fast-action multiplayer modes: Play against or alongside friends through the game and in Versus mode in quick-battle arenas.