Action Man: Search For Base X

Genres: Action
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ACTION MAN™, the "Greatest Hero Of Them All", is crashing onto Game Boy Color!

Help ACTION MAN track down and stop DR. X before he uses his evil weapon on the world! Based on the internationally top-selling toy brand that is taking the U.S. by storm, players assume the role of Action Man, the "Greatest Hero of Them All". As ACTION MAN, players get a chance to use ACTION MAN devices, explore a jungle, climb through a mine, rescue scientists from a snow base, and penetrate DR. X's secret Moon Base! Can you stop DR. X from unleashing his evil weapon? With tons of cool equipment and outfits, there's nowhere ACTION MAN can't go and nothing he can't do on Game Boy Color! Look out, DR. X!


  • Customize ACTION MAN for each mission with tons of gadgets, uniforms, and special e.m.p. weapons that disable enemies

  • Over 15 levels of gameplay

  • Game-engine from the developers of WWF Wrestlemania and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for Game Boy Color

  • Battle robots, security drones, huge insects, and the evil Dr. X

  • Password system to save progress