It is 23 September 2010, and on a small island in the ocean that divides the global superpowers of Osea and Yuktobania, an entire military base is on red alert. Early today, the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron was scrambled to intercept an unidentified aircraft, but the entire squadron was ruthlessly decimated. As a fighter pilot in a newly formed squadron, you are called into action to protect the nation of Osea. As you take to the skies, the story begins to unfold...

Ace Combat 5 features a multitude of gameplay modes and offers players the opportunity to fly some of the most advanced aircraft ever built with over 50 licensed, playable planes. Taking the controls of these aircraft, players will be pushed to the limits, diving down canyons, flying through mountain passes and bursting above the clouds as they avoid missiles and hunt the enemy.

One of the exciting new features in the game is Wingman Command, which allows players to provide in-flight instructions to their squadron while carrying out group attacks. Additionally, radio communication with the squadron gives players the ability to listen-in on conversations, adding to the realism and intensity of battles.

On top of the action, Ace Combat 5's engaging storyline is revealed through a series of high quality, in-depth cut scenes and several hours of spoken dialogue. The game unfolds over 30 wide ranging missions, with campaigns ranging from high altitude pursuits, air-to-ground combat and aerial dogfights to produce the ultimate in high flying entertainment.


  • New 'Wingman Command' feature enables you to issue tactical instructions to your squadron while in flight and carry out coordinated group attacks.

  • Epic, branching storyline contains over 30 wide-ranging, action packed missions including bombing campaigns, high altitude pursuits and aerial dogfights. Plus, incredible fully rendered CG cut scenes pulling the player deeper into this epic adventure.

  • Realistic flying experience - soar to new heights in over 50 of the world's most advanced fighters - licensed from leading manufacturers including Boeing.

  • Stunning graphics - ultra-realistic and beautifully rendered in-game graphics including real-time weather effects and dynamic lightning.

  • Twice as big as Ace Combat: Distant Thunder with missions covering huge map areas, some as large as 100km2.

  • Multiple gameplay modes - including the instructive Tutorial mode, and the immensely popular Story mode.

  • Meet mission specific criteria to unlock secrets, new aircraft and win medals.