You are invited to learn from the greatest at the most fantastic Football Academy of all.

The legendary Pele is the headmaster: He will teach and help you on your dream adventure. Enjoy 4 months in the most fantastic football academy:

Brightfield Academy is every young footballer's dreamland featuring wild and beautiful environments, over-the-top animations, "out of this world" visual effects and hilarious characters to interact with every single day.

So pack your bags - it's time to enroll yourself into a curriculum of outrageous matches, insane training drills and nonstop fun at the Academy of Champions.


Action-Packed 5-on-5 Party Football

Learn incredible moves that you never thought were possible on the field.Pick-up-and-play controls makes AofC playable by kids of all ages.

Upgrade your skills and buy equipment to become the very best.

Over 12 Mini-Games in a World Full of Excitement

Take part in easy to play mini-games involving goalkeeping, shooting, passing and tackles.

Will you be able to master Brazilian Freestyle juggling with your Wii Balance Board™?

Pelé is Your Headmaster

Discover the true value of fair play and respect.

The legendary Pelé will teach you the skills necessary to compete at the highest level.

Immersive Story-Driven Experience

Develop your super skills in the imaginative world of Brightfield Academy.

Battle your way to the top to defeat the evil Scythemore Academy!

Unlock some famous video game characters: Take control of the Raving Rabbids, Sam Fisher, Altair, Rayman who appear... as kids! POP.

Multiplayer Take on your friends on full-on head-to-head gameplay, supported with unique side-on camera.

Wii Motion Plus™ Brand new peripheral is supported in core gameplay.