A Wake Inn is a PC VR horror game, combining elements of action, stealth and puzzle. Explore gloomy passages on a wheelchair, with immersive control system complying it's limitations and difficulities. But you won't be alone - mysterious Doctor Finnegan, owner of the estate, will accompany you by the shortwave transmitter. However, on your way you'll find many other items - some useful to move forward, some can give you a hint about this place and it's former inhabitants. Now it's occupied by other dolls similar to you, but they have no friendly intentions - they're raging and deadly, so try to avoid them, or fight, if there's no other way.

You wake up as a human sized doll in an abandoned, retro style hotel, where apparently something bad happened in the past. And strange machinery definetely had something to do with it - you're the one find out what is your role in this history. Who you are? How did you find yourself this creepy place? Remains left by former residents may be some clue - but can you link them and build true picture of the past?

Game features:

  • Immersive wheelchair control system - just sit on a chair and use controllers to move wheels.
  • Interactive items, like shortwave transmitter allowing to keep in touch with a character leading player through the game, flashlight lighting up the darkness of hotel passages (only if you have batteries), radio with custom stations, or cinema room, where you can screen movies from tapes you find around the hotel.
  • Environmental storytelling based in old art deco hotel designed in detail.
  • Moody soundtrack and sound design referring to classics of horror.
  • Dynamic, physic driven enemies, who can be avoided by sneaking mechanics, or taken down with melee weapons.