Tutorials Are for Scared Little Girls!

Some games drone on-and-on about your controller's buttons, while you die slowly from boredom...

Why Not Blast the HELL Out of Some Alien Scum Instead ?

If you want to shoot your way across the galaxy, earning loot for shredding aliens, upgrading your ship, and blowing apart big bad bosses, then we've got a game for you!

And the best part is, it's ridiculously cheap!

A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! combines everything you love about classic space-shootin' arcade games with hilarious cut-scenes, sweet visual effects, and a sick soundtrack!

Oh yeah, and did we mention that it's just 2 Bucks!

ANNIHILATE Alien Generals and Harness their Unique, New Weapons!

DESTROY Ten Classes of Alien Ships across a 16-Level Universe!

EARN $$$ to Upgrade your Ship, then Slaughter More Baddies!

ENGAGE in a Deep Dialogue with your Ship's Artificial Intelligence... Naaah....Just Kidding !