A Place, Forbidden is a first-person lo-fi horror-puzzle game that takes place in a cursed Library. It is and shall remain completely free, and features a variety of puzzles and no small amount of reading. Though the notes and books are not always imperative to gameplay, skipping them will detract from the experience.


The Library of Ouroboros. You awaken here with no memory of how you've arrived - though faint memories of searches, of the Library's name, stick in your memory like scraps of torn paper.

The reek of dust, of old wood, and of something... more difficult to place hang in the air. Is that a distant ringing you hear, or merely your imagination? And why do you feel so strange? So hot? Like a pair of eyes - no, much more than a single pair - are watching your every movement, reading your every thought, like words on the yellowed pages of an ancient book...

A Place, Forbidden was initially released as a demo on the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo DIsc.

Conor Walsh, Writing and Design
Dennis Müller, Scripting and Design
Gábor Papp, 3D Modeling and Materials
Aidan Cushing, Scripting