What do you know about adventure games? Old fashion pixel hunting things, confined game area, brainstorm puzzles... the time is changing!

In "80 Days" Frogwares has forever altered how graphic adventures will be designed and played by taking full advantage of modern technology by moving the traditional 2D setting of graphic adventures into a much more vibrant 3D world. The immersive qualities of the 3D world of 80 Days is accomplished by allowing players to explore every inch of each location, converse with anyone they choose, and provides them with real-world physics placing them in a world where they will experience day/night cycles and dynamic weather effects.

Main Features:

  • Based on Jules Verne's most read book!

  • Real time 3D universe.

  • High level real time 3D engine, clothes animation, lip-synch, shaders, particles system, sound engine...

  • New incredible gameplay combining investigation, exploration, and stealth.

  • Manage time, money, rest and food during your adventure.

  • Absolute interactivity: you will speak, run, jump, climb, disguise sleep eat and even bribe.

  • 100 characters to meet and interact with.

  • "Drive" vehicles from Elephants to an Airship.