7 Bones and 7 Stones - The Ritual is an asymmetrical (4v1) multiplayer game set in an East European medieval fantasy realm, called Vayandor.

One player takes the role of a powerful monster summoned by a dark portal and four other players play as scared villagers that try to complete a ritual to cleanse the land of evil.

The monster uses his unique trait and special abilities to hunt down the scared villagers in an attempt to prevent the ritual from ever completing. The villagers search the forest for ancient ritual stones while trying to run and hide from the monster.KEY FEATURES

TERRORIZE THE REALM! - Bring terror in Vayandor as Gormoth the vampire or Krampus the joy bringer, the first two monsters to be introduced to the game. Monsters have thematic abilities and play similarly to MOBA hero/champions.

CLEANSE THE LAND OF EVIL Villager need to cooperate and play as a team in order to complete the ritual before the time runs out. This means burning Altars to get new Items, burning Shrines to clear the road that leads to the Dark Portal, cleansing fellow villagers from the dark corruption and delivering ritual stones to complete the Ritual.

NO PLAYER ELIMINATION - Being eliminated from a match early may motivate some players to get better at the game but can also create frustration and down time. The game is designed in such a way that there is always something you can do to turn the tables and win the match while the clock is still ticking. So when a Monster gets you you then become a burden to your team and team players need to come and cleanse you as soon as possible.

DEEP PROGRESSION - Get ready to spend lots of hours gaining all the cool rewards that are available in the game. From Items and all the Food the Villagers can use to eat to get buffs to Banners and Dances that you can show off to your friends while playing. One thing to mention is that there is no way of paying for power in 7 Bones and 7 Stones - The Ritual as we believe in a fair game.

IMMERSIVE ATMOSPHERE - The game is made with great passion and this can also be seen in the visual and sound department. Explore the land of Vayandor, an East European realm that immerses you in a different kind of medieval style.

A Bright Future - There’s a lot of room to grow as the game will receive constant updates that bring new monsters, villagers, maps and many more.