3rd World is a massively multiplayer online RPG set in deep space. Create a character to reside in this science-fiction world, then forge your own path toward survival and prosperity. Perhaps you'll run a space station, and engage in trade (both legal and illegal) with space travelers. You could be a pirate, seizing your wealth by force. Maybe you'll be a king, or a bounty hunter, or any number of other professions. The choice is up to you.

The gamespace is all one world, but a world populated by many spaceships, stations, and planets. The principal play areas are the fully 3D environment of deep space, and the isometric-3D world of space stations. 3rd World contains no NPCs or in-game quests, resulting in increased player freedom and an emphasis on player-vs.-player gameplay. Players can create their own "quests," deciding on their own objectives and hiring other players if desired.