This third in the series uses Digital Reality's acclaimed RTS engine, which has consistently delivered explosive gameplay coupled with historical accuracy. 1944: Battle of the Bulge covers 20 new singleplayer missions, featuring battles playable from either side of the war. The level maps have been designed with historical accuracy in mind, and created from authentic strategic maps, geographic information and images from the battles themselves. Official records of the war have been consulted closely to ensure that the 10 multiplayer maps are utterly accurate and further extend the game's longevity.

Additionally, players will encounter a new feature to the series. This part of World War II was fought in winter, and the game forces strategists to contend with the snowy conditions, which affect troop and vehicle movement. The game also introduces 15 new units to the series to reflect their appearance on the battlefields of the era. For example, players will now be able to command the Nebelwerfer, the SDK FZ 251 - and the Hummel, among many others.


  • 3 single player campaigns and 20 exciting missions, allow you to lead the Axis and Allied forces through some of the most notorious battles of World War II.

  • 10 multiplayer maps playable in 3 different game modes (for up to 4 players) via LAN or Internet (powered by Gamespy).

  • Real-time strategy visualized in full 3D, with realistic graphics and sounds creating an authentic historical atmosphere.

  • 15 new units and weapons (Nebelwerfer, SDK FZ 251, Jagdpanther...).

  • More than 85 different units in total available, each with its own characteristics (riflemen, artillery, tanks, air support...)

  • Winter atmosphere: snowy textured environments, new trees (meshes and textures, completely re-textured vehicles and soldiers equipped with winter camouflage.

  • Stress has been put on the tactical aspects of war: army management, battle preparation, varied combat tactics, and realism of combats.

  • Pause feature: think over tactics at any time and schedule up as many orders per unit as you want.