A classic game of puzzle 8 (3x3), 15 (4x4), 24 (5x5) or 35 (6x6) in which player has to move pieces on board so they are from 1 to 8, 15, 24 or 35. Positions of pieces are generated randomly, but every generated game has a solution.

You can use image as a puzzle - you can solve any image you add to folder textures within folder with game, but image name must be 'image.jpg', there are
no other restrictions for this image file - image can have arbitrary size, but we recommend you to use images with size ratio 1:1, because puzzle have ratio 1:1. You can use image with arbitrary ratio of course, but image will be stretched.

For correct running of this game graphic card supporting OpenGL 3.2 or later is needed along with newest version of graphic drivers.

For menu invocation press ESC key on keyboard.

You can rotate camera by right mouse button and zoom in/out with scrolling
mouse button.

Alt + Enter key combination will toggle between fullscreen mode.

Boxes movement methods:
mouse click - simple click with left mouse button at box and it will move
automatically to free position
mouse click & arrows - click with left mouse button at box and control it's
movement by arrow keys on keyboard
arrows - move boxes with arrow keys on keyboard
arrows inverted - move boxes with arrow keys on keyboard in inverted directions