Four years ago two young men met while studying computer science at UNC Charlotte. For two years the two barely knew one another until their school hosted a board game night and they decided to play together. Not long after, they met an aspiring artist from a mutual friend. The three decided to form a video game company called Upside Down Bird.

The guys at Upside Down Bird have come a long way in four years; they've added a new friend and business partner and they are all successful developers/artists/generally awesome people. Although they all love their careers, their real passion is for video game design and development. They all aspire to work full time on the video games they have come to love.

Each week, the guys meet over Google Hangout and develop new innovative ideas in an attempt to capture players' attention. Luckily for them, they decided to attend the East Coat Game Conference in Raleigh, NC a few weeks ago. It was there some of their dreams started to become a reality. They had the opportunity to meet with different people who could help them out in the game industry. They had lines of people wanting to play THEIR game!!!

At ECGC they give out a prize to the best Indie game. GUESS WHO WON!!!! These guys who have been putting in long hours at their day jobs, and long hours at home (just ask the wives...) won the Indie Prize! As winners, they are given two free passes and a booth at the Casual Connect conference in London (England, that is.). They are beyond ecstatic to finally see their dreams come true, thousands of people exposed to their games and their companies.