ActionTrip have posted an interview with Cliff Kamida, senior producer for TRON 2.0 about the storyline, character-customizing system, the structure of the levels, multiplayer aspects, and more:

    "Action Trip: Tell us more about the story. Apart from Jet Bradley are there any other characters who are important to the plot?

    Cliff Kamida: Actually, all of the characters are important to the plot in that they somehow move the story forward. There's Alan Bradley, Jet's father and creator of the infamous digitization technology, and Mercury, a fearless computer artificial intelligence or "Game Bot" who was created by an unknown user to help Jet navigate the dangers of a mysterious digital world. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos voices the character of Mercury, while Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as Alan Bradley, the character he played in the original TRON film."