Ferrago.co.uk have interviewed Designer Michael Lekovski and lead Programmer Petr Smilek about Korea: Forgotten Conflict, the upcoming squad based strategy game from Cenga:

    "Commandos is clearly an influence, but what other ideas are thrown into the Korea melting-pot?

    A: First of all, Korea: Forgotten Conflict is based on new and unique technology. The surroundings are in full 3D, which has benefited from this technology. The graphical level of detail is of the highest possible intensity and we believe it really brings a new dimension in the development of future games of this genre.

    There are many facets of the game we believe gamers will be surprised by, including the realistic weather conditions.

    From the playability point of view, the real-time action is supported by giving orders in advance, which makes it possible to give several orders to a soldier, and he will then undertake a number of specific tasks. I.E., this soldier will pass a specific number of checkpoints, etc. The player will also have to think ahead!

    The inventive programming mode enables the player to carry out several actions at the same time, which provides great playability. Korea: Forgotten Conflict also provides better possibilities with interaction/cooperation of soldiers at the same time."