Gamespy have posted thier latest Biz Buzz article. This week they take a look at Game Informer and track its growth which is now at 1m readers:

    "As far as circulation goes, at any given time in the past decade, there have been a few jaunts by the bigger publications to cross the 500,000 average-paid-reader figure, but for some reason that seems to have been a sticking spot of sorts. While those are definitely not disappointing numbers for any magazine, there is curiosity over why they haven't gradually gotten higher given the growing user base of game enthusiasts. This column isn't centering around that so much, though as a thumbnail, there's certainly some impact on magazines -- game-related and otherwise -- from the Internet, which offers an immediacy and economy in content that can't be matched by print. Print's benefit is portability and quality (for instance, you don't have to wait for a magazine's images to load and they're generally much sharper than their online counterparts); online benefits from its speed, its ability to be changed at a second's notice, and the interactivity provided to the reader."