Simergy, Geoff Crammond's game company, has picked Lost Toys to develop Stunt Car Racer Pro, an update of the classic racer:

    "Simergy, Geoff Crammond's game company, has chosen Lost Toys, the highly regarded Guildford based developer, to be its partner on its newest project, Stunt Car Racer Pro (announced 4th March 2003).

    "Lost Toys will be key to making Stunt Car Racer Pro a success," said Crammond. "I've chosen them because they have a proven track record of producing great multi-format titles on time and to budget. I also believe this team understands perfectly just how strong Simergy's commitment is to quality and playability."

    The move continues Simergy's successful development model which maximises Crammond's unique experience in the AI and Physics fields, while using third parties for art and graphics technology.

    Lost Toys are no strangers to the driving genre, with director Glenn Corpes having written the technology behind Bullfrog's hit racing title, Hi Octane.

    Remarked Lost Toys Managing Director Jeremy Longley, "We were delighted when Geoff approached us to work with him on an evolution to Stunt Car Racer; it's an incredibly exciting project, and one we're really looking forward to working on."

    Over the last 4 years, Lost Toys has developed a sophisticated technology base through its origination of games such as Battle Engine Aquila, one of the reasons Simergy felt it would be best placed to deliver on a title which is already attracting high expectations.

    "Since we announced Stunt Car Racer Pro, we've been overwhelmed by both the trade and consumer response, " commented John Cook of Bad Management, Crammond's representative. "The news that we have a team as experienced and talented as Lost Toys on board to assist in realising Geoff's vision of SCR Pro only underlines our AAA expectations for this title.""