Also on GameSpy is an Interview with Three of PlanetSide's developers about their upcoming massively multiplayer online game:

    "GameSpy: Have you guys always wanted to be game designers, or did you stumble into your careers by happy accident?

    Dave Kuykendall: I originally wanted to be a computer programmer, but that never worked out. I fell into this when I discovered one could make levels, enemies, and weapons for DOOM II, and then (on a larger scale) Quake. I was hooked from the start.

    Peter Chang: Yes, being part of the game-making process has always been my career choice. I decided early on that, since I love to play games so much, I should just pursue a career in making them.

    Terrence Yee: I answered a casting call for Designing Women and ended up here. I think Meshach Taylor beat me to the job."