HomeLAN has posted an interview with Ron and Chris Millar of Jaleco about Goblin Commander, their upcoming console RTS title:

    "HomeLAN - What sort of locations and setting will be featured in the game?

    Chris Millar - Every playable Clan lives in their own unique habitat, in which they have either adapted to become their own, or it has mutated into something almost totally unique and different than what most people would expect to see when they hear or think, "goblin." The Stonekrusher locale, for instance, work deep in the dark subterranean mining caves of Ogriss. Here they rule the darkness while carving out massive chunks of stone and mine ore for their creator, Fraziel. The Hellfire clan live among the ancient temples of the Woodland City. They are the most technologically advanced clan of Goblins, as they have learned to use gunpowder and fire to aid in their mostly- ranged combat style."