GameSpot chats with Ashley Cheng, Bethesda's project lead for Bloodmoon, to find out more about the new wintry island setting, the intriguing possibility of playing as a werewolf, and the major quests introduced in the add-on:

    "GS: What character levels will Bloodmoon be designed for? How much progress can characters make over the course of the expansion?

    AC: The open-ended wilderness and non-quest-related dungeons in Bloodmoon are open to anyone of any level. We went out of our way to level all the creature lists for players ranging from level one to level 60 and beyond.

    The quest lines will require characters of level 20 or higher. There is a lot to do on Solstheim, the island where Bloodmoon takes place, and you'll find yourself leveling up fairly quickly. Not just in combat, either--you'll find many opportunities for sneaking and unlocking chests and treasure in dungeons. There are new ingredients for alchemists, too."