ActionTrip chats with the guys at Akella about their upcoming RPG at sea, Pirates of the Caribbean. The interview covers the characteristics of in-game ship-models, trading, some of the many RPG aspects of gameplay, the visuals, and more:

    "AT: Could you reveal more details about the game's storyline? Is the plot closely tied to the upcoming movie?

    A: The storyline of the game takes place in the same place, and around the same time, as the movie. It is NOT based on the movie's plot at all. Certainly there will be things from the movie that you'll see in the game, but we aren't trying to exactly replicate the story of the movie. We're making a good RPG where you get to be a captain during this age and play a good guy or bad guy as you see fit. The main story involves a quest to find a mythical artifact said to possess great power..."